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Volkswagen Campervan or 50k plus £120,000 worth of instant wins

Live draw 8th June 2023 @ 8:00 PM
59999 tickets available
Maximum 1000 tickets per person

£3.99Per Entry

This competition has now closed. Good luck!

Win this fantastic Volkswagen campervan for only 3.99…. don’t fancy the Campervan then take the £50,000 cash prize alternative on offer.

There’s also £120,000 worth of INSTANT WINS to find.

T6.1 DSG SWB Highline spec includes LED front and rear lights, apple car play, air con, front and rear sensors, adaptive cruise control, front and rear heated screens, cross wind assist, android auto, climate control and so much more.

Only 20 miles on the clock !!!

You won’t find another campervan like it !!!

Instant Wins
Ticket No.PrizeWinner
13£1000 Mike Mould
654£1000 N W
876£500 Jennie B
999£100 Diane Warrick
1234£100 T.D C.V
1466£100 Kayleigh Bell
1876£1000 Chris Royle
1987£500 Michelle Manson
2121£100 Colin Burns
2450£100 Keiron Hart
2998£100 Joshua Richardson
3121£100 Phil Cochrane
3676£1000 Dean Martin
3999£100 Chelsie B
4098£100 Thomas Purdy
4555£100 Michael Chapman
4637£1000 Chris Grennell
5321£1000 Shaun Cummings
5566£1000 Ben Sherwen
5890£250 Carol Kenyon
6000£1000 Sarah W
6543£250 Hannah Rutter
6789£1000 Daniel Parker
7654£250 Haley Mctaggart
7766£250 Jaclyn Boyd
7890£1000 Shanice Gooding
8500£1000 Shaun Cummings
8567£1000 Chris Royle
8998£1000 John Todd
9123£1000 L J H
9317£200 Jamie fleming
9988£200 J Adams
10257£200 Michael Knowles
10545£200 Michael Chapman
10935£200 Hannah Rutter
11111£500 Kenneth Sharp
11435£500 Mathew Bray
11787£500 Andrew Western
12400£500 Clare Tweed
12435£500 Michael Martin
12537£500 Joseph Bibby
13009£1000 Chelsea Turner
13234£5000 Martin Tremble
13459£1000 Karen Berridge
14327£500 S M
14357£1000 Naomi Cook
15454£300 Sarah Bloor
15888£300 Lee Tyson
16500£300 Jack Seeman
16565£300 Chad Foster
16999£300 A S
17529£200 Andrew Western
17729£200 Matthew Quary
18111£200 Rebecca Crellin
18324£200 Kieran Burns
18453£2000 Ben Sherwen
18555£10,000 Karen Reynolds
19834£5000 Keiron Hart
25667£10,000 Amy Stewart
26700£500 Chris Royle
27111£300 Fiona Wild
28453£300 Ellen Spedding
29375£300 Daniel Smith
30121£300 Aaron D
31987£300 Genna Musgrave
32776£300 Chelsie B
33354£300 Kevin Osborne
34276£500 Alex McCumiskey
35500£300 Wayne Booth
36156£500 Andrew Fretter
37423£300 Sarah Goodwin
38123£2000 Victoria Bonner
38767£300 Courtney Cannon
38909£5000 Kelly Kerr
39845£500 lianne craig
40717£10,000 Robyn Hughes
40994£2000 David Hislop
41777£500 Calum Macdonald
42123£200 Andrew Olive
43212£2000 Paul Brunton
44232£200 Ashleigh Bonner
45778£200 Stacey Norman
46199£2000 Ian Corbin
47666£200 Robbie Charters
48123£300 Sheila Gibson
48765£200 Keiron Hart
49045£500 Leon Thompson
49231£300 Keiron Hart
49724£300 Amy Stewart
50118£300 Ben Sherwen
50365£500 Louise Nicholson
50853£300 Joshua Roberts Roberts
51236£1000 Shaun J
51864£1000 N W
51999£10,000 A T
52098£500 Kieran Bell
52119£1000 Helen Austin
53265£500 helen hodgson
53445£500 Kelly Kerr
53919£500 Aiden Yorke
54678£1000 Matthew Rudd
54723£1000 Kevin Doyle
54999£1000 N S
55126£200 Shakira Little
55468£1000 Chelsea A
55963£200 Janette Wiggins
56007£200 Kev H
56123£200 Kieran Burns
56565£200 T.D C.V
57000£250 Paul Farish
57120£250 Jessica Rigg
57234£1000 Amanda Routledge
58123£1000 Stacey Mason
58765£500 Vicky High
58767£250 E T
58776£5000 Alistair grant
59121£500 Clare Tweed
59911£10,000 jamie cleary
59999£250 Michael Graham

This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over. You may enter this competition up to 1000 times. You will be randomly allocated ticket number(s) when ordering and will receive an email confirmation. The total amount of tickets for this competition is (59999). If all tickets do not sell out, the draw will happen on June 8, 2023 regardless. You may enter the competition online, or for free by post by sending your entry to Northern Competitions on a postcard. You must have an account on Northern Competitions for your entry to be processed. All details on your entry MUST correspond to the details on your account to receive the order confirmation and ticket number. Postal entries received without a registered account cannot be processed. The live draw will take place on Northern Competitions Facebook page using Google’s random number generator to select the winning ticket number from all Entrants. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Apple or Google. By entering the competitions, Entrants agree that neither Facebook, Apple nor Google have any liability and are not responsible for the administration or promotion of this competition.

How many times can I enter this competition?

You can enter this competition up to 1000 times.

How do I get my number?

Once your order has been placed your ticket number(s) will be randomly allocated and will show on your order confirmation. They will also be emailed to you, and will be available in the my account area.

What is a “Instant Win” Competition?

The website has random ticket numbers with an instant prize assigned to it. Purchase your ticket(s) as normal and if your ticket number(s) matches a instant prize number, you win that prize AND will still be entered into the main prize draw. If you are an instant win winner, you will get an email with instructions on how to claim the prize.

How is the winner chosen?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winning ticket number. You’ll be contacted directly if you have won.

Can the draw date change?

If all the entries are sold sooner the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.

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