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£5,000 Winner Plus £195,000 Worth Of INSTANT Wins

Live draw 27th September 2023 @ 8:00 PM
56999 tickets available
Maximum 1000 tickets per person

£3.99Per Entry

This competition has now closed. Good luck!

This comp will have a £5000 Winner Plus £195,000 Worth Of INSTANT Wins. If you are lucky enough to win instantly you will receive an email directing you to a member of our team to claim your prize.

Instant Wins
Ticket No.PrizeWinner
818£500 James Johnston
1151£500 Samuel Wilkes
1276£250 Kieran Ross
3064£200 Ruth Priestley
4538£250 Steffi law
4776£500 Chloe Millard
4779£200 Karen Payne
4790£1,000 Ceara Coverley
5792£500 Dawn Hill
5800£200 Matt McCann
6797£500 Eden Webster
7245£1,000 Courtney Athersmith
8421£20,000 Kate Hughes
8595£1,000 Connor White
8826£250 Megan Hardcastle
9065£250 Daniel Vaughan
9547£200 Clare Tweed
9636£200 Julie Cairns
9820£20,000 Dawn Webb
10530£1,000 Lauren W
10582£200 Kathryn Johnston
10962£10,000 D T
11153£1,000 Jeanette McCallig
11192£1,000 David Hewer
11231£1,000 Charlotte McGlasson
11578£500 Rachel Kerr 😜🤣
11701£1,000 Lisa scott
12156£200 Pamela Hughes
12200£500 Philip Woodend
12665£250 David Lavin
12881£500 Karen Patterson
14029£1,000 Patricia Winder
14677£1,000 Lucy Bridson
14965£1,000 Lee Johnston
15361£200 Janice Bell
16155£500 John Todd
16775£1,000 D C
17236£1,000 Graeme Irving
17916£250 Leanne Mccue
17967£250 Charmaine Gearing
18081£1,000 Gareth Daniel
18364£200 Steven Tucker
20185£10,000 Joseph Bawden
20740£1,000 David Byers
21249£1,000 Amy Holmes
21729£1,000 Samuel Wilkes
21809£10,000 Deanne Hindmarsh
22064£500 Roxanne Mcdowell
22256£200 Callum Newton
22778£250 Craig White
23142£250 Kate Hughes
23366£1,000 Scott Beeden
23806£1,000 Courtney Athersmith
24065£250 Stephen Moore
25183£200 Aaron Rayson
25940£500 Jane M
26126£10,000 Jason Nish
26164£200 Connor White
26371£200 Tony Mclaughlan
26580£1,000 Shelley Rutter
27416£200 Tony Mclaughlan
28089£1,000 Emma Norman
29188£1,000 James Braithwaite
29372£10,000 Sophie Mcewan
29897£250 Katie Wolstenholme
30173£1,000 Dion Morgan
30816£200 Jordan Stephenson
30941£200 Stewart Long
30998£500 Jamie Smith
31238£500 Myles Quinn
32487£250 Mickeala Nattrass
34051£250 S Mcleish
34153£1,000 S W
34328£250 Paul Tyson
34834£200 Stephen Teasdale
34930£200 Scott Mason
35160£200 Hannah Clark
36478£250 W Huntington
36583£500 J J F
37873£200 Mike Fox
39020£1,000 Sue Graham
40135£1,000 Matthew K
40571£200 Marc Marvin
42309£10,000 Stuart Lewis
43181£250 Sarah Smith
43242£250 Keiron Hart
43685£500 Rebecca Johnston
43847£500 Warren Croskell
44015£1,000 Rachel Barrow
44227£1,000 Tony Mclaughlan
44472£1,000 Lauren Hall
44572£250 Bethany Ball
45603£1,000 Bryony Sumner
45981£200 teagan Lowrey
46946£1,000 Deborah Collins
47333£1,000 C M
47906£500 Keith Campbell
48941£200 Christine Hancock
49850£10,000 Roxanne Mcdowell
50209£1,000 Karen Patterson
50559£10,000 Rebecca Rice
50729£5,000 Stephen Madden
50992£250 Keiron Hart
51119£500 Dion Morgan
52217£1,000 Danielle Burton
52381£1,000 Bryony Hendren
52573£1,000 Ben Tingey
52608£250 Connor White
52892£500 Annemarie Newton-Lister
52905£200 Wayne Booth
54419£10,000 Desmond Savage
54585£1,000 J M
54696£1,000 John Wilson
55550£1,000 Kevin Lamb
55811£500 Ewan Wynd
55905£200 Julie Cairns
56498£1,000 Lauren Goodwin

This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over. You may enter this competition up to 1000 times. You will be randomly allocated ticket number(s) when ordering and will receive an email confirmation. The total amount of tickets for this competition is (56999). If all tickets do not sell out, the draw will happen on September 27, 2023 regardless. You may enter the competition online, or for free by post by sending your entry to Northern Competitions on a postcard. You must have an account on Northern Competitions for your entry to be processed. All details on your entry MUST correspond to the details on your account to receive the order confirmation and ticket number. Postal entries received without a registered account cannot be processed. The live draw will take place on Northern Competitions Facebook page using Google’s random number generator to select the winning ticket number from all Entrants. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Apple or Google. By entering the competitions, Entrants agree that neither Facebook, Apple nor Google have any liability and are not responsible for the administration or promotion of this competition.

How many times can I enter this competition?

You can enter this competition up to 1000 times.

How do I get my number?

Once your order has been placed your ticket number(s) will be randomly allocated and will show on your order confirmation. They will also be emailed to you, and will be available in the my account area.

What is a “Instant Win” Competition?

The website has random ticket numbers with an instant prize assigned to it. Purchase your ticket(s) as normal and if your ticket number(s) matches a instant prize number, you win that prize AND will still be entered into the main prize draw. If you are an instant win winner, you will get an email with instructions on how to claim the prize.

How is the winner chosen?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winning ticket number. You’ll be contacted directly if you have won.

Can the draw date change?

If all the entries are sold sooner the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.

Welcome to Northern Competitions!